Written Testimonials

Yoga gave me great relief from back pain. My mom reads stories to the child in my womb to which it responds by kicking


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Enpreg Testimonial - Vanaja

My daughter’s chin mudra has become the talk of the town. She always looks into the objects at depth, listens to us very intently.


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Enpreg Testimonial - Kavitha

I am an Obstetrician and Gynaecologist practicing at Bangalore for the past 19 years. Women who attend the program and practice regularly go through pregnancy with minimal anxiety and stress and enjoy their antenatal period. A significant observation is the period of both the latent and active phase of labour is shortened in all these women and require very minimal or no analgesics or painkillers during labour including epidural analgesia.

Dr Shanthi,


Enpreg Testimonial - Dr Shanthi

A deep sense of fulfilment happened to see a remarkable change in the attitude of almost all women who sincerely followed all the practices offered in the program. They were able to handle their pregnancy with mindfulness and their emotions with awareness particularly fear. On the objective side, all babies were on the higher centiles with respect to their expected birth weight with a few showing an improvement in the uterine blood flow on ultrasound. The first step towards conscious pregnancy and birthing is happening and that indeed just feels wonderful!

Dr Sita Deepak,


Enpreg Testimonial - Dr Sita Deepak

This program has been molding and shaping us not only as good parent but also as a better human being.


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Enpreg Testimonial - Prithvi

The session with the Ayurvedic doctor was very interesting. Iwas someone who was completely unaware about this genre of science. I thought Ayurveda was all about eating grass and leaves. It has really fascinated me now.



Enpreg Testimonial - Shiv

One of the best things I exposed myself and my baby to is this workshop. Having already experienced the benefits of meditation, I was looking for some place where I could expose my baby to a similar experience.


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Enpreg Testimonial - Shweta

Seeking goodness for my baby, trying to enhance the spirit and body of my wife, I ended up in a place where I am taught things I needed deeply



Enpreg Testimonial - Balaji