Parenting Through Pregnancy

Is Birth A Birth?

The Ultimate Knowledge

yadi yonyāṁ pramuñcāmi sāṅkhyaṁ yogaṁ samāśraye asubhakṣayakartāraṁ phalamuktipradāyakam
yadi yonyāṁ pramuñcāmi taṁ prapadye maheśvaraṁ asubhakṣayakartāraṁ phalamuktipradāyakam ||

“When I come out of this womb, I will take refuge in Sānkhya Yoga, which destroys misery and yields liberation; when I get out of this womb, I will take refuge in Maheśvara (Shiva), who destroys misery and grants liberation.”

~ garbhopaniṣad (4)



Parenting Through Pregnancy

Learn The Language Of Your Baby

As we are deeply concerned about the root patterns affecting the baby till the age of 6 yrs when the child is actually able to analyse situations, it becomes important to protect and safeguard the child. In their unawareness the parents very often instil a root pattern into the child which remains with the child as an incompletion. Incompletion is a hangover of the past improper cognition about ourselves  which comes in the way of us relating with life in the present. It dictates every action of ours.