Mantra Chanting

Mantra Chanting

Healing through mantras

  • Whatever exists, exists as sound. It is from the sound, the Nada Brahma, that Existence expresses herself
  • Nada is the ingredient, which is responsible to retain the solid form. In other words, for mud to remain as pot, it is nada or sound. Nada is responsible for an object to retain its shape.
  • The sound, the vibration, when it comes from the pure source, the uncreated sound is called ANAHATA.
  • Body is made out of quarks, the smallest particle and nada.
  • Body as it exists now is because nada, the energy, binds the quarks together and maintains the shape
  • Subatomic particles are the life particles and nada is binding force which creates the energy field.


  • Bindu, the particles has no action on its own
  • The sound is responsible for what you are and for the sickness you carry physically or mentally. The particulate matter is inert.
  • If the energy field which binds the quarks is responsible for the disease and depression, then altering this energy field, heals the sickness.
  • Nada is responsible for disease or health, depression or expression and not the bindu.
    • Changing the nada can heal
    • All healing systems work on Nada.
  • There are two ways you can work on the Nada
  • Creating the right sound and repairing wounded nada at the physical or mental level is healing through Mantra
  • If the disturbed Nada structure is brought to a Being, where, Anahata is continuously happening, which an enlightened master continuously radiates, the wounded Nada structure gets healed, realigned, reorganized and restructured .The mind and body go through restructuring & transformation, the brain and cognition go through rewiring and the consciousness is awakened.
    • The intense, vibrant silence, the soundless sound – the Anahata Dhwani radiating from the master is ‘Sarvaroganivarini’
    • – Healing For All Possible Diseases By The Master
  • All sounds created from the Anahata Dhwani or the Nada Brahma is called Mantra

Mantra has two meanings:

  • ‘Mananat Trayate Iti Mantrah’ – Mantra is that which protects those who reflect on it.
    • It is the Nada or sounds created out of Anahata Dhwani
    • Healing By Mantrachanting
  • ‘Manah Trayate Iti Mantrah’- Mantra is that which helps to cross the mind itself.
    • This is the Nada Brahma or Anahata Dhwani itself.
    • Healing By The Enlightened Beings