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Deepening your connection to your baby during pregnancy is not only fulfilling in itself, but has benefits for both mother and baby. Turning your senses inward and focusing on bringing into this world an individual of quality and compassion is attained through the blissful experience of meditation.

What do we understand by the term meditation?

All of us are aware that meditation calms us, brings in a kind of peace and fulfillment within.

But what actually is meditation?

All of us have experienced a flash of it sometime or the other… enjoying the sunrise or sunset – when the experience touches your being, before words like ‘Oh! How beautiful the sunrise is…’ happens.

Well! This is the state of restful or thoughtless awareness… simply, being in the present – in the now.

Any practice which enhances this state of consciousness, which is known as the Turiya state or the fourth state, is meditation.

Presence of thoughts always throws one into the past or future which work with fear or greed , happening in unawareness. With awareness there can never be any thoughts.

Meditation enhances awareness in an individual, increases the deep vibrant silence between thoughts…..

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