This programme brings to the forefront all that was available to the woman in the Vedic period to bring out the baby as conceptualized by the couple
We will be touching upon three four simple but deep truths.
The first truth is that the consciousness enters into the baby’s body only at the time of birthing. It is not present in the womb. When the life force or prana touches any exposed part of the baby’s body which is after the rupture of the membranes, that is the moment of time, the consciousness enters. Till the time the consciousness or soul claims the body, the body of the baby is only an extension of the mother’s life.
The second truth is that the consciousness chooses the body based on the frequency of the body and itself….. the frequency of the biomemories in the body tunes in to match that of the consciousness.

Are the parents really helpless in the choice of the babies that are born to them?

Well, though directly the parents cannot choose the baby, indirectly they can prepare the body of the baby with as little or no patterns to attract a soul of higher intelligence. As is our understanding the frequency of the consciousness and that of the body of the baby need to match.The better the preparation of the body by the parents the better are the chances of getting an intelligent soul

You mentioned about preparing the baby with no patterns. What are patterns?

We are now coming to the third truth. The mother not only provides nutrition to the baby but also in her awareness and unawareness instils cellular memories or limbic imprints into the body.
These are engraved memories which have mostly negative emotions in them stemming up from the powerless space of incompletion in the mother when she is in a conflict situation.
A conflict situation happens only when one feels powerless about oneself. In fact, when actually observed these are words which are often repeated within oneself about oneself, when confronted with any situation which is conflicting. This is what is called as a conflicting thought pattern
In time we begin to believe that that is what we are and all our decisions and actions come only from that powerless idea we have about us. The powerless words we give to ourselves in our unawareness get instilled into our baby also, when we are faced with a conflict. This is so with both parents and not just the mother

At which period of time can the earliest pattern otherwise known as root pattern affect an individual?

A root pattern can happen in the womb, during birthing and the first 6-7 years of life till the child develops an intellectual capacity to understand a situation an incompletion triggered the root pattern in us. This in scientific terms is limbic imprints

What happens if there are conflicting thought patterns in the baby’s body?

The weak powerless words a mother gives to herself find a way into the baby and get lodged within it only to surface in the baby after the consciousness descends into the body. The presence of such patterns can only attract a soul of lower consciousness to itself.

Can the father also instil his conflicting thought patterns into his baby?

Yes conflict situations in the father also, instil conflicting thought patterns into the baby’s body. There is a very powerful scientific evidence to prove that emotions in an individual are present in the DNA material which have been obtained from the individual but kept separately in another room

Polygraph recording of the emotion undergone in the individual and that of the DNA in the room were identical and this was proof enough to say that the baby which contains the DNA material will also be affected by the father’s conflicting thought patterns. So when the baby is born and grows up, it will also respond to life from these patterns with unawareness.

Is there a way of handling these conflicting thought patterns as they seem to be quite important in the making of a beautiful baby?

Yes the program provides it all as an experiential transformational knowledge

What happens at the time of birthing?

The consciousness which aligns best with such a positive biomemory in the body of the baby lands on the body and claims it. This is what is called conscious birthing – the careful preparation of the baby’s body to allow the landing of an intelligent soul.

Is the responsibility of parents over with the birthing?

No, conscious parenting is the next step which helps the parents to take care that root patterns do not develop in the child atleast till the age of 6-7 years. After that the child is very well equipped to handle itself as the analytical power is available to it.